Welcome to Metamorphic Processes at Virginia Tech

  • Yttrium zoning in garnet; Lesser Himalayan Crystallines, India

  • Deformed and boudinaged sediments; Adamello batholith, Italy

  • Yttrium zoning in garnet; Lesser Himalaya, India

  • Andalusite porphyroblasts; aureole of the Adamello batholith, Italy

  • Migmatites; The Sand River Gneiss, Limpopo Belt, South Africa

  • Migmatites; The Sand River Gneiss, Limpopo Belt, South Africa

  • The Sand River Gneiss, Limpopo Belt, South Africa

  • Garnet in pseudomorphs after lawsonite; Syros, Greece

  • Carbonate-veined serpentinite; Ligurian ophiolite, Italy

  • Kyanite blades in quartz veins; Tauern Window, Austria

  • Strongly oxidized serpentinites (ophicalcites); Ligurian ophiolite, Italy

  • Amphibole & epidote layers in garnet blueschists; Tauern Window, Austria

  • Boudins in a marble host; Naxos, Greece

  • Megacrystic garnet and its amphibole halo; Gore Mt, USA

  • Highly deformed migmatites; Naxos, Greece

  • Garnet porphyroblasts with amphibole halos; Gore Mt, USA

  • Complex Ca zoning in garnet; Gassetts schist, USA

  • Fractured garnet in a Lesser Himalayan Crystalline schist, India

  • Garnet porphyroblasts in a banded staurolite schist; western India

  • Boudinaged sediments; aureole of the Adamello batholith, Italy

  • Complex Ca zoning in garnet; Gassetts schist, USA

  • Composite chemical map of complex xenolith textures; Salt Hill, USA

  • Composite chemical map of complex xenolith textures; Salt Hill, USA

Mark Caddick and the Virginia Tech metamorphism group explore a wide variety of themes associated with improving our understanding of magmatic and metamorphic systems. We couple field and laboratory observations with microanalytical and computational methods to decipher rock histories, and to reveal the processes that control development of mineral assemblages, textures and compositions. These insights help to unravel larger-scale tectonic processes and the long-term evolution of Earth's crust.


Active projects currently range from understanding the metamorphism of rocks in cold subduction zones to exploring the heating–cooling timescales of some of Earth's hottest metamorphic settings. A common thread is our multi-disciplinary approach, with emphasis on quantitative techniques and method development. The following pages give a taste of some of these projects and methods. Welcome!



2/24/16: Apologies...

Well, I'm clearly pretty terrible at keeping the news updated. Suffice to say that there are plenty of new publications that you can find here

8/15/15: Welcome!

Welcome to Emma and Kirkland, who are both starting as graduate students this semester. Find out more about them here

6/8/15: Welcome!

Welcome to Julie Vry, who is visiting us for part of her sabbatical from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

7/15/15: Field time...

Mark, Besim and Victor are heading off to Manitoba for fieldwork. Back soon (hopefully)...

3/5/15: Congratulations Esther!

Esther moved today to Berlin, where she will be working as a Research Scientist at the Freie Universität.

26/3/15: Congratulations Kyle!

Kyle successfully defended his PhD today - congratulations! More about Kyle's work

17/3/15: Petrologists on tour

Several members of the Metamorphic Processes group are going to be presenting lots of their work at the SE GSA meeting and Mark is chairing a session on Friday (20/3/15). Come and join us!

12/2/15: New papers

Besim and Kristie have new papers this month. See here!

10/5/14: New papers

I've been slow at keeping this updated, but Esther, Kyle & Kristie have new papers in print. See here!

8/8/14: Major Paralyzer bug fix

Paralyzer has been updated to improve a stability issue (manifested as an efficiency issue on some systems). More here

27/6/14: Paralyzer bug fix

I've updated Paralyzer to fix bugs when calculating T-fO2 diagrams. More here

2/5/14: Congratulations Kristie!

Congratulations to Kristie Dorfler, who today passed her PhD examination. More about Kristie's work

23/4/14: Congratulations Kristen!

Congratulations to Kirsten McCall, who today passed the examination for her M.S. project. Kristen will soon be moving on to ExxonMobil, where we wish her all the very best.

11/8/13: Paralyzer bug fix

I've updated Paralyzer in response to bugs identified by Windows users. I've also put together a page describing recent bug fixes. More here

11/5/13: QuiB_Calc

Kyle's program 'QuiB_Calc' takes Raman analyses of quartz inclusions in garnet and calculates the pressure at which they were trapped. It is available for download from here

10/28/13: GSA Denver

Besim, Kyle, Kristie, Victor and Mark will all be giving talks at this week's GSA meeting in Denver. More

9/28/13: GeoFair

Come and learn about petrology and gemology at the Museum of Geosciences!   More

8/21/13: Goldschmidt

The Petro' Group has a number of talks and posters at next week's Goldschmidt conference in Florence. More information available here. We hope to see you there!

6/21/13: A little less conversation...

In an uncharacteristic burst of action, I've 'finished' Paralyzer, a series of scripts for running Perple_X in parallel. Documentation and download are available here.

6/20/13: New papers

Kyle and Esther have new papers out in Journal of Structural Geology and Lithos, respectively. More information available here.

4/19/13: New paper

Baxter & Caddick have a new paper in Geology. It's available online here.

4/7/13: EGU

Kyle will be talking about several of his quartz projects at EGU this week. pdf of abstract

1/26/13: Kids' Tech University

Mark, Esther, Kristie, Kristen and Victor were talking about crystals to school kids! Photos and more information

1/2/13: New Post-Doc

We're delighted to welcome Besim Dragovic, who is joining us from Boston University. More

12/20/12: Now Recruiting!

Mark is on the lookout for a new PhD student to study subduction zone processes, beginning in Fall 2013. Get in touch if you’re interested!

12/20/12: New Project

NSF will be supporting a new subduction zone project in collaboration with Boston University. More information

12/6/12: Paralyzer

I've been working on a method of improving efficiency of phase diagram calculations with Jamie Connolly. Check it out

12/1/12: AGU

Mark will speaking (predictably, about garnet) on Wednesday afternoon.

11/1/12: GSA Charlotte

The Petrology Group will have a significant presence at the forthcoming GSA meeting.

8/1/12: New People!

We’re delighted to welcome Victor Guevara and Kristen McCall to the Petrology Group. More

7/2/12: We Have a website!

I've finally found time to begin working on the Petro group site. Please be patient as it (slowly) fills with content.

1/10/12: New in Blacksburg

Mark joins Virginia Tech.